My name is Lucy Rumsey. Having graduated from university in 2004, studying human exercise and sports science, I initially went into the fitness industry believing, for a long time, that this was what I wanted to do. However I soon realised that my passion for animals and the outdoors meant I was in the wrong industry! 

I've worked within the equine world since then, spending my earlier years working first for a natural horseman, then within the event industry. I turned to freelance work about 8 years ago to allow me the chance to expand my knowledge and experience, and allow me some more flexibility within my day to day life.

A while ago I came across the College of Animal Physiotherapy, through the recommendation from a friend, and discovered I was able to apply for the chance to become an animal physiotherapist. My application was successful and I began the course in the spring of 2014, graduating in May 2018 with a distinction. 


I am happily married and have 2 horses (both retired) and a pony of my own, as well as 2 labradors who are all very much family! I do still ride although I will admit I'm not as brave as I used to be!!!


As many of my clients are aware I underwent major shoulder surgery in May 2023. As I was laid up at home I decided why not expand my knowledge! So I signed up for a further diploma focusing on Canine Exercise Rehabilitation with the Animal Rehabilitation and Health Academy. I'm using this to boost the canine side of the business and alongside canine treatments I will be offering sessions involving canine strengthening and conditioning (these can be individual or group sessions). These can be aimed at all dogs (subject to vet consent) and will be active sessions focusing on improving your dogs overall health.



About me

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