"Justice retired from the met police force after 12 yrs of hard work and loyal service this September .

He was lame and on a lot of medication.

A combination of turn out, a new saddle, supplements, exercise and regular sessions from Lucy have seen him become sound,relaxed and noticeably less stiff.

He will continue his 6 weekly sessions and prescribed home work. To keep him as comfortable as possible.

Justice is 18.1hh and Lucy is totally relaxed and handles him so professionally"


"Lucy can be described as no less than a miracle worker. She has treated my 24 yo pony twice now and the difference is incredible. He went from being unable to canter without bucking and severe discomfort, to winning a dressage test at 69% - after two treatments! Lucy is calm, patient and very knowledgeable, helpful as my pony can be a little twitchy with his back end. I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone"



"Lucy has been fantastic treating my horse. When I first got her she was pretty wild and definitely not the best patient, but Lucy was so good with her and she absolutely LOVES her treatments now!! Lucy also gives us great recommendations for exercises I can do myself and different groundwork sessions we could work on which have really helped strengthen her"

"Lucy has been absolutely great for both of my boys. One little ginger ninja was kept ticking over on the long rein during lockdown and is now beautifully even and straight and we're carrying on with those sessions, which are really helping my schooling sessions. Our other chap has had a challenging few months but Lucy has both kept him working and treated him through physio to keep him pain free and mobile.


Wouldn't hesitate to recommend Lucy - a very knowledgable and safe pair of hands"

"Lucy has been treating my 11 year old golden retriever for the past year. She is kind, friendly and professional and does a wonderful job helping my dog with arthritis lead a happy and active life. I would recommenf her to anyone looking for a physio to help their dog"



"I would highly recommend Lucy for any physio needs for your dog. Lucy has been coming to see my dog for just over a year after she had luxating patella surgery on both legs and she always gets excited when she sees Lucy. Lucy has helped enormously with getting her back to full health and helping to maintain good movement in her legs. Lucy is really easy to talk to and you can tell she is passionate about her job and helping those that need her"

"My horse has had many injuries over the years I've owned him. He suffers with arthritis in his neck which has required very careful managing in order to keep him sound. Lucy's long reining has played a massive part in strengthening his core and hugely improved his way of going. In that time our dressage scores have gone from low sixties to low seventies. She also gives him regular physio treatments and is always on hand if I have any concerns. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking for a friendly and approachable professional who truly understands how our horses work"

"Lucy isn’t a person who just happens to work with animals but someone who naturally connects with them. Odin was a rescue and he didn’t trust people easily and he liked even less. So I was surprised and pleased that after he realised that Lucy wasn’t just a sneaky vet who did home visits, he relaxed into his physio sessions (for him) incredibly quickly (with only the occasional bolt because why not?) and was always pleased to see her arrive. The fact that she does home visits is a huge plus as I would never have got Odin to be comfortable and relaxed enough if he were in a strange place to get the benefits of the physiotherapy (it took him a year and a half to chill at hydrotherapy). There are huge benefits to be had from physiotherapy for dogs, not just seniors but for younger dogs too. I used to love how comfortable Odin looked and moved after a session and I wish with all my heart I had started sooner. I recommend Lucy at Rumsey Animal Physio without hesitation"


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