Pole Clinics

One of the services I offer are individual and group pole clinics. I am not an instructor and therefore my aim in these sessions is to help you find ways in which to help your horse work correctly not to teach you as a rider.


Pole work, whether in hand or ridden is hugely beneficial for many reasons. It can help with building strength and straightness, develop proprioception, improve posture and maintain and improve joint mobility.

Within a session you can expect several exercises which are suitable for both you and your horse. Most can be developed as you get more comfortable with them (this might be raising the height or adding more poles). There will also be a chance to understand how to set up exercises for yourself, including distances and heights suitable for you both.

The best thing about pole exercises... there is no limit to your imagination as long as you and your horse are physically capable! Build up slowly and the sky is the limit!!!

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